Robert Bas

A trustworthy relationship, such is for us the essential starting point to an effective partnership.
Since its creation in 1991, Robert Bas’s ethics has not changed. We keep the same commitment towards our employees and customers. We believe that favour human relationships is the best way to be successful in the long run. The common values which weld our teams, always attentive and proactive, are reflected in the frank and direct relations we have with all our customers. Because every project is different, Robert Bas accompanies you in defining it and is committed to its implementation.

The team

Robert Bas, is a team of 30people, all dedicated to stainless steel. Whether it be our engineers, business manager, tank manufacturer, pipefitters, mechanics or administrative staff, all are professionals, regularly trained in their profession, involved and sensitive to your expectations. We make our teams step in, all of them are rigorous and respectful of the QHSE rules on the installation, modification, or troubleshooting of your equipment.

The workshop

Located in Rhône-Alpes, at the heart of an industrial area mainly dedicated to metals, the company has 4,500 square meter of workshop, organized in perfectly equipped operational zones. We can thus manufacture, assemble and test your equipment. This space allows us to offer to our employees an optimal work environment and perpetuate the commitment and the enthusiasm of each one to realize your project.