Pigging system for a milk desserts producer

Pousse à l'obus

A milk desserts producer has choosen Robert Bas for its pigging system

Robert Bas process piping department was chosen by a milk desserts producer for fitting the workshop with a pigging system. This project is intended for reducing the loss of product but also the volume and the pollution load of waste water. In fact, the recycling cost never stop increasing.

The contract amounts to several thousand euros to equip the workshop with the whole preparation of the liquid-phase products. Our customer evaluated the return over investment from the very start. Those pig launchers are designed in order to be use in an aseptic environment, especially in the agri-food industry.

The pig is entirely immersed in the product during the production cycle and in the CIP station during the cleaning cycle. At the end of the production process, the pig passes through the scraped line in order to save up to 99% of the product. Then, it’s received in the pig catcher before being returned. The pig is after that positioned in its launching station where he’s going to be cleaned by the CIP station fluid.


Pousse à l'obus


With strong experience, Robert Bas process piping department has set up this system in many areas, such as : wine-making industry, dairy industry but also in the cooked dishes industry. Those customers choose this pigging system in order to limit the cross-contamination risks, and to reduce the consumption of cleaning agents.


Key Figures and technical sheet

  • Reduction of product losses
  • Reduction of contamination risks
  • Decrease of sewage volumes
  • Decrease of cleaning products
  • Quick return on investment
  • Heating starting station body
  • Horizontal or vertical product
  • Connection to CIP station
  • Pig speed control plate


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