Rendez-vous d’Herbalia : we speak at the international symposium of ITEIPMAI

Séchage innovant - VALPLANTES et ROBERT BAS-1

Rendez-vous d’Herbalia : we speak at the international conference of ITEIPMAI

Encounters of promising and qualitative actors on the subject of medicinal, aromatic and perfume plants (PPAM), to start the year with new trends! Many interesting research for new agriculture of aromatic herbs!

This Wednesday, January 17, Damien De Marchi, head of the Custom Process Equipment division for the company Robert Bas, will give a presentation of an innovative drying system, installed last year at our customer Fabien Fournier, manager of the cooperative Valplantes in Swiss.

It is in Chemillé-en-Anjou that the ITEIPMAI organizes its 4th Rendez-vous of Herbalia over a day and a half. “PPAM and new agriculture” will be the “common thread”. Research, production, processing and marketing are undergoing significant changes. This symposium will be devoted to the novelties and the projection in the future of these new technologies but also to the necessary adaptations of the market in front of the evolutions of the societal demand.

PPAM are also a source with high potential for many uses in agriculture in various fields: animal and vegetable sector. Current regulatory constraints encountered by the PPAM sector will be widely explored (Nagoya Protocol, biodiversity, pyrrolizidine alkaloids …).

As testimony on the subject of the new drying system, Damien De Marchi and Fabien Fournier, will present the work done and the results:     

  • Substantial rationalization of work     
  • Improvement of working conditions     
  • More efficient drying    
  • Improved drying quality     
  • Energy consumption down sharply     
  • Increase in value added     
  • Industrial reliability     
  • Easy maintenance    
  • Reliable relationships

An illumination of the current evolutions will be given by Fabien Fournier.


Would you like more information on this conference?

Visit the website of ITEIPMAI and the cooperative VALPLANTES.


About Robert Bas

For 28 years, Robert Bas has commited with its clients by offering stainless steel solutions to meet the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry needs. Thanks to its 35 employees, the company has acquired considerable technical expertise. Based on the mastery of the historical business and its 4 500 m² workshop, Robert Bas‘ team integrates stainless steel process systems and custom-made equipment throughout France and internationally.

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