Stainless steel is a noble material. It should be treated with care and exactly. We produce custom-made stainless steel equipment in order to answer the company’s constraints. They are demanding and have high level requirements, especially about the hygiene. Our aim is to always be beyond the customers expectations. Stainless steel is beautiful. So, it is essential that it remains so when we transform it. Our realization have to be perfect so that our customers are completely satisfied.

We provide stainless steel solutions in order to meet the agri-food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry needs.
Our Tank manufacturer work with stainless steel under all its forms : from the metal sheet to the piping, peculiar or technical forms.
According to your technical and esthetical expectation, we control and check the quality of the internal and external finish of your equipment : from raw to the mirror finish.

«With over 30 co-workers, and a 4000-square meter workshop, whatever your needs, we treat it by reasoning overall and acting with requirement and accuracy.»