80 L scraped stirred tanks for dosing mashed fruits

Cuves agitées raclées 80 L

Robert Bas has developed, for his client, 80 L scraped stirred tanks, used for dosing mashed fruits in sticks

Robert Bas team, custom-made equipment design department, has create 80 L stainless steel scraped stirred tanks for dosing mashed fruit in its packaging.

On this project, the real challenge was to adapt the equipment to the existing environment. Faced with this requirement of sizing, our engineers have grouped many functions on a very small surface :

  • Heating system
  • Stirring and scraping
  • Product distribution
  • Level control
  • Porthole for an interior vision
  • CIP clean-in-place



About Robert Bas

For 28 years, Robert Bas has commited with its clients by offering stainless steel solutions to meet the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry needs. Thanks to its 35 employees, the company has acquired considerable technical expertise. Based on the mastery of the historical business and its 4 500 m² workshop, Robert Bas‘ team integrates stainless steel process systems and custom-made equipment throughout France and internationally.

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