Industrial mixer cooker – TRIVAP high performances size range

Cuiseur mélangeur industriel

The industrial mixer cooker, high performances, TRIVAP

Robert Bas is launching the TRIVAP, a new range of industrial steam blender cooker, high performances. Those cylindro-conical mixers have a capacity that goes from 1 000 to 10 000 liters, for a heating power of up to 7 metric ton per hour of steam.

Such power is allowed thanks to a triple heating process of the tank. A direct injection of steam at high flow rate sends the main part of the power through the tank cone, enabling to start its heating at an occupancy rate from 25%. This injection is supplemented by a second low pressure injection process that keeps a quite powerful rate of steam injection matching fragile products. Thirdly, a double wall with high passage speed enable to warm up the products without steam contact.


Cuiseur mélangeur industriel


To allow the product to soak up the power, a top mounted is coupled with a scraper with reverse rotation. The set of steam power or the stirring speed are adjustable according to the heating curve and the recipe. Numerous options complete the process and match to your specific use : powder or liquid injection, automatic ingredient input, weighing, etc.

The TRIVAP, that high performances mixer is mainly reserved for the liquid product manufacturing, with or without pieces (maximum from 50% to 60% with pieces).


Key figures

  • Capacity from 1 000 to 10 000 L
  • Double wall heater from 0 to 10 steam bars
  • Double wall cooler from -8 to 15 °C
  • Soft injection from 75 to 1 500 steams kilogram per hours
  • Power feed from 250 to 5 000 steams kilogram per hours
  • Conical bottom from 15 to 45 degrees


You can download the commercial brochure, or write us to get the technical sheet :

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